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Steps to being a Mod

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Steps to being a Mod

Post  DGrab on Fri Dec 07, 2012 6:23 pm

Step 1: Be active in the community.
Step 2: Post on forums frequently.
Step 3: Help people in game and on the forums.
Step 4: Get to know the players so that they respect if you get to be a mod.
Step 5: Don't act mean or do things to hurt people or the server.
Step 6: Be on the server for a good amount of time. For example; 2 weeks would be decent.
Step 7: Once you feel you're well respected, know your way around the server, and know the players on a personal level, post a Mod application in this forums. The Admins will judge weather or not you should be admin, or not.

An application should look like this:

How long you have been on server:
Contributions to server:
A little about yourself:

You can tweak this how ever you like, but it comes down to the Admins, plus the server members.

Things that decrease chances:
-Picking sides in fights
-Being a negative person; i.e. saying your town sucks.
-Asking for Moderator or OP
-Asking for commands
-Asking for items from Admins
-Spamming forums and server
-Asking Admins to read your application; we will get to it.

If you posted an application and don't get a response within a week, that means that the Admins feel you don't meet the requirements for Mod. Don't give up, try being a better player and post another Application a few weeks later. [A max of 3 applications can be summited]



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Re: Steps to being a Mod

Post  ColinTheAwesome on Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:06 pm

Another word of advice:

If you are going to say that you are or have been a Mod or Admin on another Server, we would like proof of that claim seeing as how mos people just add that in to gain our trust. If you have never contributed to any other Server, do not add anything to your application stating that you DID, because we will ask for proof.

If you have, however, been a staff member to any other server, please provide a PM for either CGBlox or myself that contains the URL of the Forums of your previous server so that we may check the rankings and staff lists to make sure that you aren't bullshitting us.

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